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Entry #7

My Bad Username

2013-03-03 01:17:29 by anti-nazi

I don't really like anti-nazi anymore. It's obvious and a bit juvenile. But I was about 15 years old when I thought of this thoughtful and insightful username.

But I'll deal. I'm not going to start a new account and lose all my levels.


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2013-03-03 02:04:42

Have you ever asked admins to change your username?


2013-03-03 04:33:55

Just ask Tom, he ain't to picky in changing names.
I asked for a capital G in my username and he was like "Right-o Bill, gonna do that right now :)"


2013-03-03 09:03:51

I made my username when i was like 14...
Haven't regretted it
Only wish I had caps so it would be


2013-03-03 10:16:20

You must be a Jew. huh Huh.